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forsythia gold leaf.jpg

Featured Plant

Forsythia mandshurica 'Vermont Sun' flcl

FORSYTHIA: So common..  so ho-hum.  Glorious in the beginning of Spring when we are desperate for color.  And then?  straggly... too big... not at all interesting…

Forsythia was named after William Forsyth (1737–1804),  who was a Scottish botanist, a royal head gardener and a founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society. 


We grow ten DIFFERENT Forsythia!!  Why not grow a Forsythia with variegated leaves?  with gold leaves? or try some dwarf Forsythia grouped in front of your Forsythia intermedia?  OR:  how about Forsythia mandshurica, which blooms in a nice light lemon, one week to ten days earlier than intermedia…(it’s blooming now!).

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