We welcome visitors to Mill Fleurs

We specialize in against-the-grain horticulture at Mill Fleurs. Since it is  not always apparent what rules we are breaking, we take the time to personally guide people through the gardens.

Because our gardens have grown and have become so ‘interesting,’ we can no longer cover the material in a one-and-one-half hour tour.


We will offer two different tours:  the South Opening Tour, which has been our focus to date, and includes details of the Yellow Conifer Garden, the Rhododendron Drive, the Cascades, the Bronze Border, the Blue Rocks, the Lawn Gardens… ending in the Ice House with home-made refreshments.


We will alternate with tours of our demanding, more private gardens which some of you have walked through, but have never been discussed. This is our North Challenge Garden Tour.  Many of the rarest plants in this challenging part of the Garden have never been visited by the public.  Home-made refreshments, of course, are included.  

Open Garden Tours  Saturdays at 10:30 AM from April through September —  as listed on our Events Calendar — are $25 per person and include home-made refreshments.  Reservations and prepayment are required (215 297-1000 or office@tiffanyperennials.com)    If weather is questionable, please call by 9:00 AM.  We will refund if we cancel because of rain. Dates for tours — AND CHANGES — will be listed on the Events Page. 

Group Tours may be scheduled at your convenience for a scheduling fee of $50, and a minimum of $200 for up to eight people; each additional person $25. Homemade refreshments included. Deposit required.  No tours on Sunday.

Collector / Special Occasion Tours can be reserved any day or evening (except Sunday), and are led exclusively by Barbara Tiffany, for as long as you are interested!  Minimum of two people at $125 per person.  $35 for each additional person. Home-made refreshments included; wine and cheese service available for $10 pp additional.

Our gardens are complex and extensive. Please plan on one and one-half hours for a visit.  If you are a plant nerd better allow two hours...

Allow time to visit Tiffany Perennials, our rare plant nursery.  We sell plants from our garden, but our major offering is rare and unusual plants, often not available anywhere else. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I just walk through the gardens by myself?

We have seen over and over how excited people are about what they have learned on our tours. No matter how many plants you are familiar with, you will see material at Mill Fleurs that you have not seen growing in zone 6 before. We also believe that if you do not know the intent of the designer you miss half the effect of the design. The grounds are hilly, and we give you our full attention.  For these reasons all admissions to the gardens are by guided tours only. 

Where do I park?

There is some parking onsite at the nursery driveway. Otherwise there is parking on the grass and at the barn on the left side going north on Cafferty road, just past the drive to Mill Fleurs. For groups we highly suggest that you car pool as much as possible.  When a large group is expected we will have someone at the top of the drive to guide you. For extra large groups it is possible to arrange parking at the church for a fee, which must be arranged ahead of time.

Is there any possible way I can reserve a tour on Sunday? Pleeeez?

Sorry, but we are a very small staff with limited schedules, and we do appreciate your understanding that our team needs to rest.

How much in advance do I need to make a reservation?

From prepping the gardens to baking the cookies, our team goes to great lengths to make your visit special, so we ask that you give us notice depending on the size of your group.   During our busy season of May through June we suggest making your reservation as soon as possible. Like now!  Otherwise, at least a week ahead is advisable for the time slots that are available. 

How do I make a reservation?

Call us at 215-297-1000 to make a reservation. With the exception of the Scheduled Tours on Saturdays, a minimum of a fifty percent deposit is required to hold your reservation which is payable by check or credit card. Until the Stay-at-Home ban is lifted reservations are required on the Scheduled Saturday tours - we want to be sure we have enough refreshments.

What if it rains the day of a tour?

There have been many tours here during light rains.  The gardens really look lovely, even magical, in light rain, and we can lend umbrellas if it rains suddenly.  Sometimes it isn't raining here when it is torrential elsewhere. Call by 9:00 to confirm.  We will refund if WE cancel because of rain.